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A personal memoir and historical

account of her family farm—in poetry

The poet was born a farmer’s daughter, raised on Twin Pines, a two hundred-year-old family farm in Upstate New York. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree and has a California State Teacher’s Credential from San Francisco State University.

Nancy Huxtable Mohr


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Poems from The Well


Something in me wants

to walk again from Providence

with them—living, dead,

and unborn. Their lives wound

tightly in me. Now they are names

in our bible. Some birthed

in snowstorms, others

in spring thaw or born on Thursday

so I could plant corn on Friday.


Lectures & Readings from

The Well: Poems from Twin Pines Farm

at The Farmers' Museum

Cooperstown, New York



Nancy Huxtable Mohr


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